Astrologer and Her Client

Astrological chart

Outer planets gather: malefic and benefic,
to be touched off by Mars fire
like a lightning strike to Earth from
the farthest reaches of the solar system.

Yeah? So what?

So you may see the flashiest
Equinox of your life this Spring.

Yeah? How’s that?

Different for everyone. Depends
on your House of Capricorn, signs on cusps,
natal planets’ placements, aspects…

Yeah? Whatzzat?

You could order a personalized
ephemeris or a reading online. Maybe $125.
You’d need a good text to interpret it.
About $40.95 from Amazon.

Whoa! Baby!

Or you could go with the advice
of the sages, millennia old:
Look carefully. Watch yourself.
Touch and taste and smell every
experience you’ve ever known.

Listen to the cries of the insurgents,
the hotheads,
to the whispers of the tree-lovers,
to the demands of the IRS.

Be humble. Make peace
with never knowing all the facts.

Be patient and compassionate with yourself,
and with the person who points
a taut bow-and-arrow at your chest,
the one who levels a .45 to your temple,
the one who douses you with gasoline and
lights a match,
the one who palms your crown under the waves,
the one who tickles you until you gasp.

Be open. Let the pillars you’ve built
crumble and re-form.
Breathe in your life.
Let go. See where you can go, what you may be.

That’s good to do, even with the reading.


Or you could ignore it all, let it play out, call it
Fate or
an unhappy upbringing or

Yeah. That.

Covid-19 in the stars

Think back to February, 2020. For my birthday that month, I consulted my planets and — uh-oh — saw something I hadn't counted on.

Then in March, when the governor announced the lockdown, I knew: I'd seen the public reaction to Covid-19 in the stars.

Online, I couldn't find a single astrologer writing about it. Why? This was News!

I submitted the poem to a couple of astrology websites. No go. So, here, past its sell-by date, but still useful, I hope, I offer the insights the pandemic brought to me.